Manika Mittal

My name is Manika Mittal. I have completed my education in Fashion Designing from Just Designs Institute, Noida. I have spent last years honing my skills and gaining experience in a wide range of areas. I sincerely enjoyed my stay in Just Designs Institute. The college, the faculties, the host family and the city. Everything was perfect. Everything was well organized. In case of problems : students services' staff was always available and quick to help. This is the best college I have tried. I liked the whole trip a lot. It has been a very special experience and I think it will be the beginning of something more. In my opinion the course has provided a lot of new vocabulary which is really useful for Fashion Industry. The complete package was a great experience. A great combination of learning, relaxing and team building. Just Designs gives us various outdoor visits and educational trips to enhance our knowledge. Thanks to our director ma'am, Mrs. Renu Bhargav for giving all these opportunities.

Kamal Tomer

I’m Kamal Tomer. I have been a part of Just Designs Institute. I have learnt a lot about fashion, from the textile classes to developing clothes collections to the actual sewing and finishing, but also all about Marketing, fashion show presentation. Our Fashion teachers are great and they are always helping us to realize our wildest ideas and to help us to build our own “style”. I really liked studying at this institute because we had no creative restrictions and the opportunity to experiment and create exactly what we want.
We are offered great opportunities to enter in the working world with design competitions and fashion shows. I personally have taken part in several real life fashion  shows and competitions like, ASIAN DESIGNER WEEK, INDIA INTERNATIONAL STYLE WEEK, ANNUAL DESIGN AWARD.
It is also a great experience with creative exchanges of ideas and styles.At last a great thanks to our director and faculties. It was such a great journey with Just Designs Institute.

Tanya Katiyar

This is Tanya Katiyar. I have completed my two year interior diploma course from Just Designs Institute, Noida. I have been greatly supported by faculties during my course.Visits were amazing with great exposure. I have learnt how to grow myself. My experiences with Just Designs Institute were extra ordinary. Special mention to director ma'am Mrs. Renu bharghav for her immense support and motivation. Its a great platform to learn and make your future bright.