Getting a degree, and putting a few letters after your name is just not enough to land you that plum job, or to launch your career. What you need is a portfolio of employability skills. Employers like to recruit graduates who have gone the ‘extra mile’, ‘joined in’, can work both individually and in a team, shown a capacity for leadership, and demonstrated a willingness to take risks by spending time travelling, and experiencing new situations and cultures. The success of individuals in a knowledge-based economy will increasingly depend upon skills, creativity and imagination. While basic literacy, numeracy, technical skills craft skills remain vital, today’s economy and society increasingly demands people with an ability to cope with change and adapt quickly to new environments and people. This is why employ-ability skills are more and more important !!

Just Designs Institute not just teaches design, it builds personalities. Just Design has set the high standards in the industry pertaining to placements of the students. With 98% placement in 2015, 93% in 2016 and 98% in 2017, Jdesignees have become the first choice among the Designers, Brands and the Organizations. Classroom studies combined with various events & workshops exposure makes Jdesignees more successful & favorites in the Industry.



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