Our Leadership

Renu Bhargava

Executive Director

Shaping young minds is one of the most challenging as well as interesting tasks in the present times. I believe all you need is a little imagination and the willingness to work hard at converting your imagination into success. Your background is immaterial. One should develop and articulate their imagination which is unique way of looking at the world. That is your single biggest gift. And work hard at mastering the craft so you can make your imagination come alive.

Today, the fashion industry is more fragmented and competitive than ever. But that also means it is ripe for bold and imaginative ideas that leave a mark on the industry. Many Indian designers are already doing that. And you can get there too. All you need is a confident imagination and the training to harness that imagination for tangible results. We at Just Designs are committed towards preparing skilled, knowledgeable, holistically developed personalities who continue to inspire our future generations and make us proud by their commendable contribution to the industry and society.

Sudeep Bhargava


We wonder how we can help these young flowers bloom in this world, without ever robbing them of their smiles, and we constantly seek newer ways to ensure it.

Each child’s future follows a different path and momentum. In order for them to succeed in the 21st century, we will need to provide them with an education that prepares them to be creative, compassionate and innovative personalities. We as responsible educators take upon ourselves to create a stimulating environment where young minds are nurtured to blossom into intelligent, mature and enriched industry of Fashion, Interior & Makeup.

We aspire our students to cultivate a life-long passion for learning and to step into a world which is being shaped by their dreams and contributions, and bettered by their zeal and integrity.

No matter, which career you choose, Just Designs promises you to transform your potential into a positive and highly rewarding career.