What is Visual Merchandising in Fashion?

What is Visual Merchandising?

Info about what is visual merchandising in fashionThe fashion retailing industry of today has majorly benefitted from Visual Merchandising, because it is these activities that attract shoppers to step inside the store and make a purchase. When an individual acts as a customer, they do not think about what goes behind selling clothing and products available in a store. However, when they decide to take up a course in the field, they understanding what is Visual Merchandising and the relation it shares with retailing.

Visual Merchandising is also referred to as the ‘Art of Retailing’. It is defined as the harmonization of physical elements to bring forth the right image for the audience. In simple words, it is the presentation of products in a manner that ‘gives customers a reason to buy’.

About What is Visual Merchandising in Fashion

Ever since the concept of self-service retailing has been introduced, the need for projecting the product in a visually appealing, attractive and engaging style has increased tremendously. The importance of the activity in fashion is as follows:

  • Make the merchandise desirable
  • Make the merchandise locatable
  • Introduce and give details about new products
  • Enhance store image
  • Persuade customers to enter the store
  • Display merchandise range and variety

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Placement Process

The location of products and their setup is decided by retailers keeping in mind the buying behavior of shoppers. The final outcome of visual merchandising is responsible for the easy access and reach of products customers get. Consumer decisions are greatly affected by product placement from single to multiple purchases being made.

  • Arrangement at eye and hand level
  • Window Display
  • Entrance Display
  • Prime Locations
  • Store Interior and Decorations
  • Store Layout
  • Distance and space between products
  • Props

Visual Merchandising allows a company to boost its profit margins. This means that retailers across domains are on the lookout of individuals who can perform the process efficiently. From fashion, to food, to healthcare, there’s a need to lure and entice customers in every field. Variables governing impulse purchasing as well as organized buying decisions must be examined well.

A lot of students might feel that they can become a merchandiser if they are creative and understand how products need to be placed. However, a professional visual merchandising course encompasses much more than just the display of products. It teaches you techniques to grab customer’s attention, the increasing appeal of window displays, counters, stands, posters, billboards, banners, backdrops and much more. Apart from the placement of a particular product, merchandisers also need to play with color, space, lighting, digital equipment,all of which,requires professional knowledge.

There are several fashion designing institutes offering a course in the subject. The course curriculum is prepared in such a manner that students get thorough with customer behavior and ways to influence buying behavior. Visual merchandisers are not only expected to work in retail stores, buttheir expertise in trade shows, exhibitions and trade fairs is also of immense importance.


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