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Info what is fashion business managementA lot of students are interested in Fashion but don’t have a sense of designing, color combination and style. However, what they do have is managerial and entrepreneurship skills. The most suitable course for such students is a diploma in Fashion Business Management. But what is Fashion Business Management and what does the course have to offer?

The course prepares students for both fashion and management by training them in strategic decision-making, leadership and problem solving skills. Students can grow to become visionary fashion business leaders of tomorrow.

Course Structure

The comprehensive course in fashion business management focusses on the following subject areas:

  • System Orientation
  • Markets
  • Global Leadership
  • Sustainable Fashion Systems
  • Thesis
  • Internship

The course equips students making them sustainable, global and pioneering managers ready for the challenging and ever-changing fashion industry.

Need for Fashion Business Management

The Fashion market in India has expanded exponentially since globalization. The demand and sense of fashion has increased manifolds making the retail and fashion industries increasingly competitive. Design methodologies have changed, with developments in business ecologists, complexity in global supply chains and media innovations. A broad range of specializations have emerged allowing students to explore new spheres after completing the course.

Students taking the course understand how fashion industry professionals work. They also develop a wider and clearer understanding of the business they will be getting engaged in.

Course Content

Students pursuing the course are equipped to formulate a career in business management at a later stage in both the domestic and international industry of fashion. They get in-depth knowledge of the working of the industry, strategies and cultures existing at the global level, in combination with fundamental business skills and necessary fashion industry management knowledge. The curriculum is structured in a manner that students get a sound grounding for Fashion and Lifestyle Business proficiencies in fundamental technical areas such as Product Development, Order Procurement, Productivity Enhancement, Industrial Engineering, Production Planning etc.

Offered by a teaching team having expertise in industry and academia, the content of the course is relevant to the fashion business with its focus on preparing students to attain senior roles of business and management in the field. With live experiences as a part of the course, students enjoy a fair mix of practical familiarities and theoretical knowledge fostering the learning process.

Fashion Business Management Scope

An individual having completed this course can choose from a wide array of career options. They can be employed in the retail as well as manufacturing sectors of the textile and fashion industry. The different positions that a student of this course can aspire for are:

  • Fashion Brand Manager
  • Marketer
  • Business Development Manager
  • Retail Manager
  • Buyer
  • Merchandising Manager
  • Product Manager

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