What does a Fashion Designer Do?

Info about What does Fashion Designer DoDo you know what does a fashion designer do? A fashion designer studies about fashion trends, sketch designs and other production aspects of fashion designing. They design women’s, men’s and children’s apparel, and also design scarves, handbag, and hats, etc.

Fashion designer works on majority of clothing and other fashion ranges. They are the ones who reach out to millions of people through their quality work by designing the best outfit and latest trends.

What exactly a Fashion Designer do?

A fashion designer creates the right clothes and accessories for the people. They bring out the latest trend in the best way possible through their effort of hard work and creativity. They design the current fashion sense, also predicts what may follow as the next big thing in the fashion world. Creating something unique in every manner is one big challenge for a fashion designer.

For a fashion expert who designs, has lots of thought process to follow up; whilst making something new. They start with a basic design which involves a complete story structure with lots of sketches. After that, they put these story boards on a dummy, and start sewing pieces of various materials to put them in one single piece. This is one of the crucial times of designer, for it brings their vision into some light. It is very important that whatsoever, they are working on, as per the eye of their mind, it comes exactly likewise. It is their first draft of what they have visualised.

In a fashion world, computer aided designs are used often to cut short of time. It helps them take a better decision in terms of colours and shapes. Many designers still prefer drawing a sketch of their work first and then start working on them. Once, they have drawn the sketches, they gradually move forward to making patterns of more specific details on it. This gives them a basic idea where exactly they are leading on with their work. If in case, it requires any adjustment, it is the right time for them to do.

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When the layout design is complete, they start with the tailoring and sewing process of the clothing and come up with the rough look of it. Then they check it on the mannequin, a dress stand which looks like a human form; to know how their design will look on a human figure. If any modifications required they will mark it for alterations or if not required, they will approve it for further showcasing. Many fashion design houses, hire tailors and sewers, so, that makes it easy to work on their product of design on a parallel basis.

Key responsibilities of a fashion designer –

  • Choosing to focus either on clothing, footwear or accessories; because all three of them require different level of concentrations.
  • Designing the complete process of manufacturing and marketing.
  • Keeping up to date with upcoming fashion trends, regards of fabric and colour and designs.
  • Working on the high street fashion and trends; which includes creating an idea or concept.

It is highly relative, that if you have a keen interest towards the basics of visualising and sketching down the ideas and designing, then a career in this field should be pursued. It will not only help you understand the craft, but also make you make you, confident in your skills.

There are many elite Fashion Designing Institutes available in India, which offers Diploma in Fashion Designing or a Degree in Fashion Designing; many also offer B.sc in fashion designing or short term courses can also be availed. Obtaining a professional degree or diploma will lead you to the right direction and also will become a learning asset in the world of fashion industry.



  • Monica Pant December 24, 2016 at 10:46 am - Reply

    Fashion Designers have an exciting and much demanding career in a very competitive trade. A designer typically starts the look method by grouping concepts and searching for trends. After that they sketch their concepts or use a program to draw styles. With the right skills, training and experience, you can get good position.

    Thanks for explaining about role of Fashion Designers.

  • Isha Chawla April 13, 2017 at 7:15 am - Reply

    Good information on fashion designer work. Fashion designers introduce their styles to the general public through trade and fashion shows. They work with various other designers to group up to make best designs or collections. They also do marketing to cloth retailers or go directly the customers. The sector of fashion style is numerous and it is growing and dynamical.

    For those with the creativity, interest and drive, it’s the right career path.

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