Visual Merchandiser Job Description

Inf on what Visual Merchandisers really doThe first image that comes to our mind when we think of a Visual Merchandiser is that of a professional who decides how products and clothing will be displayed in a store. He/she is responsible for identifying the theme of the store and then creating the environment through appropriate decor and display.

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A Visual Merchandiser’s job description cannot be easily summarized because it starts at the strategic level moving on to idealization and execution.

What Visual Merchandisers really do?

The job of a visual Merchandiser is not limited to dressing mannequins. They mastermind the entire window display, the seasonal decorations and the in-store placement of products.

It has been observed that majority of purchase decisions are made inside the store. This means that a considerable amount of time, money and effort must be spent by the retailers in displaying props and other promotional material. The task of a visual Merchandiser lies in bringing the displays to life, leaving an impact on the visitor and drawing their attention into the store. The color themes for the season and also the message behind the display need to be decided upon. The branding message can be corporate or emotion packed.

Visual Merchandisers often spend time with the merchandize managers to plan out the placement of fixtures and place merchandise on the sales floor as a tool to boost sales. For instance, if a product is seen not to sell for a long time, it may be moved from wall display to a freestanding rack.

Merchandise moved from one place to another helps to keep the inventory fresh. Customers visiting the store may not have noticed the rack of t-shirts at the back but when these are brought to the front, they appear as new stock. These are thus definitely noticed by the shoppers.

Mannequins dressed at boutiques or retail outlets are not just made to wear a particular outfit. There is a lot of detailing involved in deciding upon the attire worn by them. A story must be created with the color, the theme, the accessories and texture. Many customers notice the ensemble worn by the mannequin before deciding to make a purchase or enter the store. Customers often purchase the entire outfit off a mannequin. And if the visual Merchandiser has smartly included accessories like bags, belts from other categories of the store, their sales are bound to increase. Shoppers may not notice a belt hanging from the stands on the corners but in case it is put-on with a fashionable pair of jeans on the mannequin, the item can be picked up.

Other Responsibilities

On the basis of the store, a visual Merchandiser may also be responsible for painting walls and assembling other props. They may be asked to create proper arrangements for sales like Christmas, Independence Day, and other festivities.

Visual merchandizing requires creativity in the workplace and the necessary skills can be obtained by pursuing a visual merchandising course from any of the renowned institutes


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