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Tools used for Visual Merchandising

Visual merchandising makes showrooms and retail outlets appear lively. An effective visual merchandise technique and tool makes the space clutter free. Effective tools used for visual merchandising reduce time taken for product searching for customers. Visual merchandising makes a retail store unique and extraordinary among sea of other such stores….

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Difference Between Fashion Designer and Fashion Merchandiser

Students aspiring to make a niche in the world of fashion are often clueless about difference between fashion designing and fashion merchandising. Both the fields are closely interrelated, play vital role in industry and require vast knowledge and keen interest in fashion styles and trends. The focal areas of both…

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Grab Eyeballs Through Visual Merchandising Techniques

Visual merchandising is creativity or an art of displaying merchandise in a store to attract eyeballs and boost sales. With unceasing growth of abundant malls mushrooming across the country, visual merchandising offers immense opportunities to youngsters. Passion for design and eye for creativity are key requirements for visual merchandising techniques….

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Visual Merchandising Tips

Visual Merchandising is also referred to as the ‘Art of Retailing’. It is defined as the harmonization of physical elements to bring forth the right image for the audience. In simple words, it is the presentation of products in a manner that ‘gives customers a reason to buy’. Both goods…

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Visual Merchandiser Job Description

The first image that comes to our mind when we think of a Visual Merchandiser is that of a professional who decides how products and clothing will be displayed in a store. He/she is responsible for identifying the theme of the store and then creating the environment through appropriate decor…

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