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About what is Fashion Business Management

A lot of students are interested in Fashion but don’t have a sense of designing, color combination and style. However, what they do have is managerial and entrepreneurship skills. The most suitable course for such students is a diploma in Fashion Business Management. But what is Fashion Business Management and…

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Why To Study in Fashion Design School?

Do you have a creative bent of mind? Do you love designing your clothes? Are you good at drawing sketches? Are you a people’s person and love to be work in a team? If most of your answers are YES, then surely you have ample reasons why to study in…

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Different Types of Fashion Designers

Fashion designers are responsible for sketching new designs, conceptualizing the next big styles and combining some of the finest accessories of the world. A fashion designer spends most of his/her time meeting strict deadlines, spotting trends and predicting styles that will be in vogue for the upcoming season. Depending on…

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What is Visual Merchandising in Fashion?

What is Visual Merchandising? The fashion retailing industry of today has majorly benefitted from Visual Merchandising, because it is these activities that attract shoppers to step inside the store and make a purchase. When an individual acts as a customer, they do not think about what goes behind selling clothing…

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About what is Interior Designing

Do you enjoy decorating rooms and organizing furniture? Do you always receive compliments for the way you plan out the interiors of your house? If you answered a yes to these questions, pursuing a career in interior designing is promising. However, before you take a decision about moving forward in…

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