Scope of Interior Designing in India

Interior designing is a good career option for those eyeing to give wings to aesthetic sense and creativity. Interior designing profile involves designing homes, office space, entertainment hubs, recreation zones and public areas. Interior designers work alongside architects in planning and executing the layout of interiors in order to make optimum use of area – to create space for functionality as well as utility.

An interior designer should have excellent management and communication skills besides having a creative streak. Aspirants having an eye for detail and enjoy solving puzzles can do justice to the role of an interior designer. Read below to know about scope of interior designing in India.

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Interior Designing Scope

Scope of Interior Designing

Ample Opportunities For Interior Designers

The growth of consumerism and entrepreneurship has made this a lucrative career option. An interior designer can specialize in a vast array of areas such as:

  • Residential (houses, flats, roof tops, domestic accommodation)
  • Workplaces (factories and offices)
  • Exhibition areas (museums, galleries, display areas in malls)
  • Commercial (retail shops and shopping malls, warehouses, conference centers)
  • Leisure (cinemas, theatres and gyms)
  • Hospitality (hotels, restaurants, pubs, cafes and nightclubs)
  • Education (schools and universities)
  • Healthcare (local health centers, hospitals, nursing and care homes and private clinics)

Sound Financial Prospects

In India depending on the employer and one’s experience the salary, including bonuses and commission for assistant interior designers, ranges between Rs 30,000 to Rs 40,000 per month. For senior interior designers, the salary, including bonuses and perks, is approximately Rs 800,000 to Rs 3,000,000 per annum. Earning a decent salary by giving concrete shape to creativity is an added fillip.

Deviation from traditional routes

Interior designers combine aesthetic vision with practical knowledge for clients to create design solutions that are aesthetically attractive, technically refined and practically satisfying. Specialized fields such as airplanes, yachts and historic conservations or restorations are lesser known turfs in interior designing. With proper training and knowledge one can develop an authority in these niche areas in India.

Gel Well With Local Culture

The key aspects of interior designing go well with the Indian culture. Interior designers are expected to be imaginative as well as artistic. They need to be organized, disciplined, patient, hardworking, determined, skilled and focused. Indians are considered imaginative, creative, hardworking, seeking and artistic by heart. It seems a perfect career option for those having such traits and a creative bent of mind.

Way To Become An Interior Designer

Admissions into various institutes of interior design are based on the score points of entrance exams followed by an interview round. The admission procedure of various colleges may vary. The National Council of Interior Design Qualification exam is conducted to test the aptitude, understanding and expertise of individuals. An individual must complete an academic degree or diploma in interior designing to tap opportunities lying in this area. You can also enquire to colleges about the admission process and eligibility criteria.

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Most of the reputed design firms and houses in India require a minimum qualification of a diploma/bachelor’s degree in interior design to hire the best brains. Furthermore, the higher the qualification, the greater are the chances of getting accepted for the desired job.

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