Scope of Fashion Designing in India

Fashion designing scopeFashion Designing is seen as an upcoming career option in today’s world. It is glamorous, appealing, exciting and lucrative as well. The art, influenced by social and cultural attitudes of people has come a long way with clothes worn by the royal family to the haute couture outfits of the masses being personally designed. So, if you have an eye for creativity, style and uniqueness, the scope of fashion designing in India is vast and a career in the field is just tailor made for you.

Career Scope of Fashion Designing in India

Fashion in India consists of an extensive range of clothing customized for specific occasions, casuals, and sportswear. Designers have used traditional techniques of embroidery and weaving to produce some of the most elegant Indo-western attires in an apt blend of the west and east.

The scope of fashion designing in India is still in its nascent stage. The industry has plenty of opportunities for the talented and hardworking aspirants. The demand for ‘Designer Wear’ is high, along with an equally enormous quantity of export orders resulting in major prospects for fashion design graduates. The contribution of Indian fashion designers is significant in the establishment of a world market for Indian garments.

While the fashion industry satisfies the creative fancies and materialistic requirements of people, it also ensures a glamorous, successful life with a high paying package. Nevertheless, the career is demanding since fashion statements are changing and designers must be up to date, after going through newspapers, blogs, magazines and other reference material.

As the extent of fashion increases these days, wide ranges of materials and textiles are available in the market. Fashion designers can go through the local markets to explore designs such as Fulkari, Nakka tiki, Zardosi, Chikhan work and the like. India has the benefit of attaining a prominent position in the global market with its distinctive embroidery patterns, handloom fabrics, and stunning dyes.

Preparing for a Career in Fashion Designing

A career in this field satisfies the creative penchant of those who believe that they have a sense of style of their own. Some of the prominent activities of the field comprise sketching, cutting, sewing, and ultimately merchandizing the final outcome. Fashion shows are organized to popularize and market the final product.

It is essentially important for every individual to sharpen their skills at designing by pursuing any of the fashion designing courses. These courses provide in-depth knowledge of the industry helping students grow and perform better.

On successful completion of the course, a student has the option of either remaining self-employed or joining a fashion house. Job opportunities include export houses, textile mills, boutiques, media houses, jewellery showrooms, garment store chains, and leather companies. You can grow by leaps and bounds in the field, depending on how strong your foundation is.


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