How to become an Interior Designer?

Do you enjoy giving your room a new look and placing things in the most appealing arrangement? Do your friends compliment you when they see the interiors of your house? If you answered yes to these questions, chances that a career in interior designing will be fruitful are high. But, how to become an interior designer and what do you need to pursue a career in the same?

Becoming an Interior Designer

Ideas on how to become an interior designer
Interior designers are expected to be imaginative as well as artistic. They need to be organized, disciplined, patient, hardworking, determined, skilled, and focused. The process is long and strenuous, which is why only those passionate about interior design get rewarded in the end.

Areas of Work

Designers need to utilize their skills in a wide range of settings – commercial as well as residential. Surveys conclude that most designers practice the art in both commercial and residential areas, favoring either of the two.

Since commercial designers need to understand the business needs of their clients, they concentrate on the designs aspects of hospitality and health care industries. Additionally, there are certain practitioners who restrict themselves to certain specialties, for instance, designing restaurants or residential kitchens and baths. Very few of them opt for specialized fields such as airplanes, yachts, historic conservations or restorations.

Interior designers combine aesthetic vision with practical knowledge for clients to create design solutions that are aesthetically attractive, technically refined, and practically satisfying.

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A career in interior designing can be established after going through the following stages:

  • Entrance Examination
  • Educational Qualification
  • Experience

How to become an Interior Designer in India?

Admissions into various institutes of fashion design are based on the score achieved in entrance exams and the interview thereafter. The procedure for admission may be different for various institutions. The National Council of Interior Design Qualification exam is conducted to test the aptitude of individuals and understand their expertise in the field.

An individual must complete an academic degree or diploma in interior designing, to open doors for various opportunities. Majority of reputed design firms and houses in India require a minimum qualification of a Diploma/Bachelor’s Degree in Interior Design in order to get shortlisted for a job. Furthermore, the higher the qualification, the greater are the chances of getting accepted for the desired job.

During the interior design program, students are prepared for rigorous tasks with real design projects set up professionally. Before the course is complete, individuals have enough exposure of professional design practices by way of internship programs allowing them to learn the tricks of the trade first hand, interact with different experience designers and other respectable individuals of the country.

Career Prospects

The market for interior designers has become profitable with the growth of consumerism and there are several opportunities for self-employment. The demand for interior designers is vast and the limit for those with a creative potential is high. Interior designers get paid on the basis of designs produced by them.


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