Fashion Business Management

Diploma in Fashion Business Management

Fashion Business Management CourseThe main objective of the Fashion Business Management course at Just Designs institute is to equip its postgraduate students with keys to decipher the ever changing fashion industry. The philosophy of the Fashion Business Management course revolves around 3 pillars: Discovery, Experimentation & Self-affirmation. The study of Fashion Business Management is an exciting field that opens one up to countless opportunities in the fashion industry. Students learn buying and merchandising practices, conceptualizing, advertising and promotional activities. Tailored to blend creative fashion knowledge with a solid grounding in business, marketing and contextual studies. Right from its creation to the activities implemented behind selling it, the clothes that we wear affect the society and environment tremendously.

A Fashion Business Management course is apt for students aspiring to obtain knowledge of the fashion industry and develop necessary skills required for establishing a fashion business. The course takes care of fashion marketing, innovative fashion management practices, merchandising and retailing, enabling students to get trained at problem solving, decision making and strategic planning.

The curriculum is comprehensive and contemporary, opening an ocean of rewarding career opportunities suitable for the current requirements of the Indian fashion industry.

Course Details

Introduction to Fashion Business Management
Fashion theory
Textiles for merchandisers
Basics of Fashion Apparel Production
IT Applications For Apparel Industry
Fashion Retailing
Fashion Merchandising
Principles of Marketing
Quality Control
Business Communication
Global Markets
Visual Merchandising
Human Resource and Entrepreneurship
Getting Ready for the Final Countdown

Course Duration: 1 Year

Why enrol in Just Designs Institute?

On successful completion of a course in Fashion Business Management, students of Just Designs Institute get the required expertise to become owners, entrepreneurs, middle and senior level business managers and decision makers in the fashion industry. The program entails instructions for fundamental business practices apart from classes for fashion management.

Students interested to grow in the field of fashion management can enrol at the Just Designs Institute to ensure that they learn about advanced topics including global management, retail merchandising and marketing. They also develop strong managerial and technical skills required for effective decision making.

Career after Fashion Business Management Course:

A wide variety of career options open for students of this field. These include creative as well as business career options. The popular ones to name are:

Retail Manager
Advertiser I Designer
Finance manager Sales
Marketing manager Human Resources
Manager Operations & Logistics manager
Event manager
Brand manager
Market Research Executive
Business Development manager
Export manager
Business manager
Rural manager Technology
Quality-control manager
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