Difference between an Interior Designer and an Interior Decorator

Interior Designer and Interior Decorator DifferenceMany a times, people confuse themselves; with the difference between an Interior Designer and an Interior Decorator. Although, both the terms are used quite often, but there is a huge difference among the two. Interior Designer is basically a person who understands his client’s behaviour in order to create a space which is functional and comfortable for them.

However, Interior Decorator is the person who furnishes or adorns the space with beautiful things. This should give you a basic idea how both the terms are different from one another.

The difference between an Interior Designer and Interior Decorator

An Interior Designer, usually involves in building a project from the scratch; with the architect. Their priority is to create a place which has enough space, however, functional in every manner. They will take care of the lighting angle, sound and also design the place considering the structures. They are equally qualified and an experienced being, who can not only identify and research and create a space; but also resolves any issue and provide a safe and comfortable environment to live.

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An Interior Decorator on the other hand, isn’t involved in any process of designing the building or the structure. Their only concern lies with the colours, textiles and the texture of the space. They relate and implement the true sense of the clients taste and personality; decorating the space of living as per their taste and style. For an interior decorator, one really doesn’t require any professional training to get the title. It all depends on the decor understanding and finishing it with style as requested.

The distinction between the two is on a very thin line, hence most of the time; both of them are considered to be the same profession. However, interior design and decoration do hold difference, among them.

For an interior designer, they have a considerable amount of detail to take care of. These can be listed such as:

  • Light and design
  • Materials and finishing
  • Design theories
  • Building of the system and its techniques
  • Complete accessibility and also utility

For an designer, it is mandatory to know the basic principle of working on every aspect of the way interior space has to designed to make the best use of it. If it is not taken care of, the work has not been executed properly; thus major consequences can occur in the future. Adding to it, many of the designers also call themselves as Interior Architect. Ethically, an architect is a one who specializes exclusively on interior projects. Interior designer specially obtains degree or study equivalent interior designing course to gain knowledge from interior design institute to enhance their skills and understanding of the profession.

Being an Interior Decorator, their prime focus lies on with the decoration. Below are the main things they work on:

  • Taking care of the paint
  • Fabric and furnishings
  • Accessories the space
  • Work on the visual of the space
  • Keep the aesthetics and impression

It is extremely important for an interior decorator to speak volume of their work as per the taste of their clients. They are the ones who take special attention in making dramatic changes in the space which is designed by the interior designer. A decorator not only adds a physical element to the space, but also makes the place look exactly how their client has described to them. More importantly, at times when a client doesn’t have a clear picture of what exactly they had wished the space to look like, decorator helps them executing the place; furnish it as per their taste and style.

Thus, that’s what makes the interior designer and interior decorator different from one another.

One who has an itch to be creative, and has upfront technical solutions to the methods of structuring and building a safe environment to live; career in Interior Designing should be an ideal option. It is one of the safe and high paid occupations above all career options. As per the latest logistics, following a path in interior designing is expected to take a growth on the high end by the end of 2020. Therefore, as per the demand of career, if one has a liking towards the physical space and aesthetics with an artistic blend, it should be the right field.


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