Career in Fashion Designing in India

Fashion design refers to the art applied for designing clothes and lifestyle accessories. The art is mainly dominated by cultural and social attitudes and the industry has developed itself over time. From times when designer clothes were worn by the royalty of the ancient world, the demand for designers has increased with haute couture being produced for the masses. A career in Fashion Designing in India is seen as a lucrative choice because of the growing market and the opportunities galore.

If you are looking out for career options in fashion designing, it is important that you understand the demands of the industry. Fashion designers are required to blend creativity with managerial skills. Therefore, you really need to create a visual appeal with shapes, designs, and colours. A professional degree in the field is a must in order to be able to leverage a successful career in the world of fashion designing.

Info about career in fashion designing in India and career options in fashion design

Career Options in Fashion Designing

A professional fashion designer has different roles, different names. To list, some of the areas of work are as follows:

  • Designer wear production
  • Fashion business management
  • Fashion media
  • Planning and concept management
  • Design production management
  • Quality control and promotion
  • Fashion accessory design
  • Fashion marketing

If you gain popularity, chances that you get hired as a designated costume designer or a personal stylist are high. You may also hone your skills to work as a graphic designer, technical designer or production pattern maker.

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Salary of Fashion Designers in India

The starting salary may not be high, with the monthly package estimated around ten to fifteen thousand. However, with experience and maturity in the skills of designing, the salary does increase. And in case you establish to become a reputed designer, you have your say and can demand whatever you’d like.

The salaries of great fashion designers always show an upward trend. Nevertheless, this would not be possible without hard work and sincere effort to stay updated with the latest trends of the market.

Demand and Supply

India has witnessed rapid growth in every sector with booming future prospects. The fashion industry of India has also gained popularity in international countries due to the availability of cheap labor and skilled craftsmanship in the country. A lot of designers are spending time in exporting quality fashion accessories and products. Additionally, designer saris, and Indian garments are also high in demand.

The scope of fashion designing in India is immense. This is primarily because Indians have become more and more fashion conscious and want to enhance the way they dress. Clothing houses hire individuals who are fashion designers, retailers, models, merchandisers, textile designers and much more, in an attempt to offer end-to-end solutions to their customers. This signifies that a bachelor’s degree or a diploma in fashion designing has substantial importance.

A career in fashion designing is opted by many owing to the countless opportunities and avenues in this field. So join a Fashion Designing institute today and live your dream!


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