About what is Fashion Designing?

Info about About what is fashion designingAre you planning to pursue a career in Fashion Designing? If you wish to explore your creativity, and showcase your eye for detail, the career option is a lucrative one for you. But what is fashion designing and what do you know about it?

Fashion design refers to an art dedicated to the creation of clothing and other accessories such as bags, jewelry etc.
There are two broad categories of modern fashion design. These include haute couture and ready-to-wear. The former refers to goods created custom sized for specific customers while the latter are standard sizes produced for the masses.

Info about Fashion Designing – Educational Requirements

Entering the Fashion Designing industry is not easy. However, if you successfully complete one of the courses in fashion designing, building a career in it is not difficult. You will have extensive knowledge about the subject and be able to comprehend its skills in detail. Additionally, once you have detailed information about the field, you will definitely be able to develop superior designs allowing you to grow and perform better.

The areas that a fashion designing course will cover include:

  • Fashion
  • Clothing technology
  • Knitwear
  • Fashion marketing and buying
  • Textiles
  • Art and design


The Indian Fashion Designing industry has grown by leaps and bounds in the last couple of years. This means that if you are planning to take up a career in the field, you are not making a wrong decision. There are a variety of materials and textiles available with inspiration drawn from both Indian as well as western styles. This means that to be able to sustain in the industry, it is vital for every fashion designer to work hard and understand the intricacies about fashion designing. Here are certain attributes of a good fashion designer:

  • Must be creative and skilled at the art
  • Capable of expressing their thought through designs and accompanying it with drawings
  • Able to mix shades, colors and tones
  • Should showcase creativity, have a clear imagination and the ability to think in three-dimension to transform ideas
  • Must be able to understand the different segments of the market resulting in the production of designs that are comfortable, affordable and suitable for different audiences
  • Should be aware of the trends, lifestyles and choices of people

Fashion designers must be keen on adapting to new things. They must read magazines and books on the history and trends of fashion design. They must have an interest in visiting art galleries and also bond with artists coming in from various backgrounds. A designer should be able to distinguish between the quality levels of different fabrics and have some experience at the activities of cutting, draping and sewing.

There is a number of fashion designing institutes across the world helping individuals shape an established career. Students enrolled in these institutes must have a good understanding of the lifestyles and requirements of the target audience. They must possess good communication skills enabling them to express their ideas to the customer. Nevertheless, most important of all, they must be original, creating innovatively unique ideas each time.


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